August 5, 2020
Keeping company bookkeeping in house? Kerby Accounting is a training resource

Bookkeeping is too important of a task to be neglected or handled by an employee who is not skilled in financial documentation.

Keeping the company financials in order is detail-oriented accounting work requiring accuracy, consistency and experience. Without knowing how to correctly record, categorize and reconcile your company books with your specific industry nuances in mind, accounting can turn into a frustrating task (with less-than-stellar results at the end of a tax year, or even at the end of a fiscal quarter).

Kerby Accounting & Business Solutions is happy to train your company's bookeeper. Clients find value in our ability to show their employees how to put assets, including asset loan balances, on the books correctly, for example. Whether a new hire, an employee who has grown into the role or a skilled accountant, all companies can benefit from an objective, experienced consultant offering helpful advice, fresh perspective and streamlined solutions. We help your team create and maintain organized, detailed financial records of your company's activities.

In business, shoddy bookkeeping means that the data a business owner needs to make informed decisons is muddied, unclear. Reports should be customized to offer specific insight into the company's status, serving as a guide for the company's future and areas of improvement or expansion. Liabilities must be put on the books correctly, with beginning balances and interest calculated to that balance. If bank balances are off, they must be corrected; a good bookkeeper knows how to do this. With productivity a priority in any industry, establishing automatic bank-transactions saves data-entry hassle and time wasted.

  Kerby Accounting & Business Solutions can teach your employee(s) how to:

  • Reconcile bank and credit-card accounts to catch mistakes in data entry
  • Properly code transactions
  • Enter customers vs. vendors into the software system
  • Use QuickBooks shortcuts that save time spent on data entry
  • Determine necessary reports, customize reports when needed

 Kerby Accounting is here to help, whether you hire us outright to manage your books and accounting for your company, have us train your bookkeeper or even collaborate with your bookkeeper as support. Call on us for bookkeeping training, because when it comes to your business and its financials, surprises are rarely good.

Kari Kerby

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